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Quality and safety were a top priority in the design of Arrows Active Play Park.

Our equipment is manufactured to meet the strictest of international safety standards and is fully compliant with ASTM F1918. The first safety standard made specifically for indoor playgrounds and is one of the most authorized indoor playground safety standards in the world. All testing of materials and indoor playground products is performed by SGS S.A. One of the world’s largest and most reputable testing laboratories.

The Ball Blast Arena

Our ball blast arena offers an interactive play experience where 8 air-guns,  a cannon are used to fire 2" foam balls at various targets. Aim at the targets, the dump basket or each other for a super fun battle.


The Maze

Inside the maze are obstacles, slides, ride-on characters, tunnels, climbing bars and more. Our equipment is designed with adults in mind with 6 foot clearances throughout. 


The Racer Slides

Grab 6 of your best friends and see who can make it to the bottom first on our two story high racer slides!


The Toddler Play

We have reserved an area just for your little ones (0-3yrs). Designed to provide a safe, fun place for toddlers to interact with soft play equipment, slides and a ball pit.


The Track Racer

Race your neighbor across the desert at high speed on our track racer.


The Warrior Course

Put your skills to the test on our Warrior course. A mixture of obstacles will challenge your balance and strength.

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