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Play-Based Learning Activities that Help You + Your Little One ‘Unplug’ More Often

We live in a fast-paced world where it can be difficult to unplug and spend intentional time with your family.

With the help of cell phones and laptops, work is something that can follow us anywhere, especially to our homes!

Unfortunately, more screen time for us typically means more screen time for our little ones as well. So, how are we going to break the cycle? How are we going to create new rhythms of playtime for our families?

I think we start with understanding the importance of play-based learning and stepping away from the screens.

Did you know that 75% of kids aren’t getting enough playtime?

This has severe impacts on a child’s ability to grow emotionally, socially, physically, and cognitively! There are so many incredible benefits to having your children turn off the iPad and get creative.

First, unplugging promotes deeper, more engaged play and works their imagination. It gives your kid the freedom to create stories, dream up ideas, and live them out (even if it is just pretending!).

Less screen time also means more opportunities for language development and physical activity. As they start playing they will find more opportunities to use new words and build their vocabulary.

Lastly, unplugging can improve their sleep and ability to play independently!

There are so many different ways to unplug and get active with your children! We want to give you some ideas to help you creatively engage with your kids.

Let them help in the kitchen.

This is as easy as it gets. You need to cook, they need to play! Giving them simple, age-appropriate tasks will help them work their creative muscle and feel more connected to you as you cook a meal together.

Make them a sensory box with sand, water, marbles, and more!

This will improve their fine motor skills and language development as they pick items up and identify them with you. Similarly, let them draw, paint, or play with Play-Doh. These activities tap into their imagination and help them physically put it on paper or create it with Play-Doh! These are all great, simple ways to get their brains working.

Playing dress-up and role-playing can be a super helpful and fun way to connect with your child and enter into a world they have created. You can also do this by playing with dolls or stuffed animals. Role-playing helps them enter our adult world and make sense of it.

Turn up Baby Shark and start a dance party!

Listening to music, dancing, and singing are all fun, interactive ways to get your kid moving. It improves their language development and you may get to see some creative new dance moves.

Take a trip to Arrows!

Our indoor play park has so many opportunities to get away from the screens and develop the emotional, social, physical, and cognitive skills that they need for life.

Our playground was also built with 6-foot clearings, so parents can always join in on the fun or you can have a beer or coffee from our cafe.

We designed Arrows with you in mind. Our heart is to serve the families of Boerne and give them an opportunity to connect with their children in a meaningful way.

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